About Canary Islands Murders

The crime novel brand "Canary Islands Murders" combines Internet dangers and human shallows, crises of self-discovery, sexual identity and happiness in life.

Attorney Filbert Dols, hacker Nacho "Nate" Lukas and private investigator Otis Wilhelm are in their element.

über Semmy

Semmy de Nada lures you in with fascinating facts about the Canary Islands and transports you to real-life places and landscapes you'd love to visit yourself - and can.

The author lives in the Canary Islands for almost 20 years and is known for your quirky personality.

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No Print Version?

I am in negotiations with an publisher in England. Because of this there is no official printed books available. Physical books are out in Spanish and German.

So I can't read the English version?

You can. The Sponsored Reading is available.

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You can buy a VIP privacy access for 30 day online and get a personal printed copy once the book is out physically for €30 (includes shipping worldwide). If you like you can get a personal signed copy of the author upgrade for the €50 (includes shipping worldwide). Click the botton below to get started: